Medoc appellation

Presentation of the Medoc region

Medoc means "middle earth" because it is located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde estuary. The attraction of the Medoc vineyard marking is this succession of small hills gravel called "ridges" (mixtures of gravel, sand and gravel) overlooking the estuary. Poor soils, very warm and filter particularly suited to Cabernet Sauvignon, which is the dominant grape. The wines of Medoc wines are red with lots of body and frame, with good aging potential.

Presentation of the vineyard

The Medoc occupies a triangular peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Gironde estuary to the east, and bounded on the south by linking Arcachon to Bordeaux. The vineyard occupies only the eastern part of the Medoc, along the Gironde, on a length of 80 km and a width of ten miles. Within the geographical Medoc, there are several levels of appellation: The central and southern produces AOC wines UP MEDOC.

Within the sub-region of the Haut Médoc are defined six communal appellations: Saint-Estephe, Pauillac, Saint-Julien, Listrac, Médoc, Moulis en Médoc, Margaux. Finally the northern Médoc, formerly known as "Bas-Médoc" produces AOC wines "Médoc". 60 classified castles are located in "Haut-Médoc", 55 of them belong to the appellations of Margaux, Saint-Julien, Pauillac and Saint-Estèphe.

Crossed by the 45th parallel, the Medoc climate is moderately warm, moist, strong sunshine and mild winters. It is a micro-climate for viticulture predestined. In general the soil is sandy, mixed with gravel and pebbles, rarely limestone, resting on a basement hard, compact and waterproof.

The Medoc appellations includes two


The Medoc cru classé does not have any, but only "Cru Bourgeois", often well above their ranking. They come from eleven municipalities of which the Castle Meric (in alphabetical order): Bégadan, Blaignans, Civrac, Couquèques, Lesparre Ordonac-and-Potensac, Prignac, Saint-Germain-d'Esteuil, St. Chtistoly-de-Medoc Saint-Yzans, Valeyrac.

UPPER MEDOC includes many classified growths, some prestigious and world renowned.

Here is a list of common with either of Cru Classé Châteaux or appellation. Generally only mention 1er Cru on the label. The reference includes Grand Cru wines from 2nd to 5th (Rank 1855). The 1st Crus and Grands Crus are automatically entitled to the appellation of origin. For others, the Appellation d'Origine is mandatory, and the name and address of the grower of bottling. All Medoc wines are red.

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